Welcome to my attempt at recreating the life and adventures of Molly Fyde, a young lady from the 25th century. An electronic reader full of information, all of it orbiting Molly Fyde, was given to me by a strange lady half a year ago. There are millions of pages of material to sort through, many of them written by Molly herself. As I attempt to organize them into a readable narrative, I have set up this blog as a repository for my findings. Some entries will be pulled right from The Reader and remain in Molly's words. Some will come from her crew. Much will be from me, as I detail my struggle to tell her story.


A Minor Announcement

I wish I had bigger news for you, but here it is: today is signing day. I've found a publisher (NorLightsPress) for the Molly Fyde series. It's a small house (for now!) that combines a traditional business model with forward-thinking marketing strategies and an intimate atmosphere. Nadene Carter, the lovely lady running the book side of things, is as smitten with Molly as I am, so I know the book is in good hands.

The plan is to work through the manuscript, which has been praised for its relative "cleanness," over the next two months or so. Once we have a version we like, as faithful to the actual (and upcoming) events in Molly's life as it can be, we'll create a digital version of the book. This will be double-check one final time before we print a galley proof. Barring any minor edits we need to make, the galley proof will represent the version of Molly's story that you'll see.

With this schedule, the book could be available as early as late September, but certainly by the middle of October. Once we get closer, we'll have hard release dates to share.

Isn't it nice to have your Christmas shopping sorted out in the middle of June? You should go ahead and plan on getting everyone you know a copy. This story is going to thrill and delight people, and the more readers we can share it with, the more it will grow.

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